🌟 Unveiling the Secrets of Reiki Symbols 🌟

Welcome to our transformative and enlightening Mini Online Course! Join us on a magical journey as we dive into the mystical realm of Reiki symbols and unravel their hidden mysteries. Get ready to elevate your spiritual practice and tap into the limitless power of Reiki within.

💫 Course Overview 💫

1. Introduction:
- Open the gateway to Reiki wisdom and discover the fascinating world of symbols.
- Learn about the profound significance and potential of Reiki symbols.

2. Module 1: The Choku Rei Symbol and Its Application:
- Unveil the history and origins of the Choku Rei symbol.
- Explore the ancient shamanic practices associated with this powerful symbol.
- Connect with the divine Reiki energy residing within your heart.

3. Module 2: Strengthen Your Aura and Chakras:
- Gain a deep understanding of auric fields and chakras in energy work.
- Learn powerful techniques to fortify and cleanse your aura and chakras.
- Develop an energetic shield to protect yourself from external influences.

4. Module 3: Practice Exercises:
- Experience the transformative "Mountain Practice" that integrates the Choku Rei symbol into your spiritual routine.
- Immerse yourself in a heart-centered meditation to fill your being with rejuvenating Reiki energy.

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Course plan

Introduction & Welcome
Module 1: The Shamanic Application of the Choku Rei
Module 2: Strengthen Your Aura and Chakras
Module 3: Spiritual Routine
🌟 Bonus: Discount for the Comprehensive Online Course 🌟